The Lead Guitarist's Practical Guide to Modes

The Lead Guitarist's Practical Guide to Modes

Finally master the modes and music theory
If you've ever wanted to learn and truly MASTER the modes and music theory in a practical and approachable way, then this is the ebook PDF for you! I've always wanted to create a tuition course on the modes, as it's a topic which is one of my dearest passions, and so this is one of my proudest publications.

What will you learn?
- Total modal mastery: The shapes, sounds, and practical application.
- Interval studies: How scales, modes, and chords are built and altered.
- Ear training: Learn to identify scales and modes by ear. 
- How to create your own custom chords and progressions.
- How to jam/improvise over backing tracks/accompaniments in any scale or mode.
- Comes with 10+ jam backing track MP3s!






Cmaj7 Alternate Picking Shapes

Here I have arranged the notes of a Cmaj7 chord into some seriously handy scale-like shapes. Pick through these, work them into your own soloing and get ready to jam with a whole new sound.

While using every note in any given scale is surely effective, by choosing and limiting which notes you play you can discover a whole new realm of sounds, licks and opportunities.

And so the idea I present today is how you can arrange the notes of a Cmaj7 chord/arpeggio (B, C, E & G) into playable scale-like shapes. Use the following shapes in the key of C Major (AKA A Minor):




Work these ideas into your own style. Blend them with your current favourite licks. Enjoy utilising the fresh sound that is the major 7 arpeggio.

To see and hear these shapes in action (+ a music theory breakdown) check out my video lesson below!

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