The Lead Guitarist's Practical Guide to Modes

Finally master the modes and music theory
If you've ever wanted to learn and truly MASTER the modes and music theory in a practical and approachable way, then this is the ebook PDF for you! I've always wanted to create a tuition course on the modes, as it's a topic which is one of my dearest passions, and so this is one of my proudest publications.

What will you learn?
- Total modal mastery: The shapes, sounds, and practical application.
- Interval studies: How scales, modes, and chords are built and altered.
- Ear training: Learn to identify scales and modes by ear. 
- How to create your own custom chords and progressions.
- How to jam/improvise over backing tracks/accompaniments in any scale or mode.
- Comes with 10+ jam backing track MP3s!