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Basic VIP Club Membership grants you access to the VIP-only download area where I post jam tracks, TABs (for my song/solo excerpts, etudes, riffs, exercises, and any ideas I'm developing), documents, album art, exclusive/bonus videos, recording resources (drum WAVs, plugins, etc) and more. You can also chat with me and other VIP members in the forum on a variety of guitar related topics.

Premium VIP Club Membership provides the same access to the VIP-only download area & forum plus other perks such as critique support, Q&A priority, 1x free eBook PDF download, and a "Premium member" badge attached to your username in the forum.

What happens when you join the VIP Club?
- Please wait to receive an email from Microsoft inviting you to join the secure SharePoint site.
- Upon joining you will have instant access to the entire download area and forum.
- If you signed up for the Premium membership you will receive a personal email from me explaining the other perks and asking you which free eBook PDF you want.
- You will get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are personally helping me towards my goal of becoming a full-time online guitar teacher.

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