Welcome to my site! I'm Alfred Potter and I'm a lead guitarist living in Wellington, New Zealand (Originally from Wales). Despite having a musical father, I showed seemingly no interest in musical instruments. I eventually took up electric guitar at the (late!) age of 17 after playing a LOT of "GTA: Vice City" as I got completely hooked on the 80s rock sound. I picked up an entry-level Jackson JS-1 and have been playing it ever since! I got into prominent 80s bands and guitarists such as Ratt, Autograph and Vinnie Moore and knew very early on that I had found my life-long pursuit.

At age 18 I went to university which was a mistake as I wasn't too interested in anything academic! but it turned out to be one of the most productive years of my guitar-playing life! I would go to uni with my friend Andrei and skip classes just to jam and drink cup after cup of coffee. It was this year, 2008, which I believe was responsible for my huge increase in skill ( as I was jamming everyday!). That same year I taught myself how to restore and put together electric guitars, and so, from 80s charvel parts, I built myself a Steve Lynch replica guitar. 

My progress as a lead guitarist was steady from here on - I started teaching myself to sweep at age 19, and also had a good go at alternate picking at age 20. But it wasn't until a few years later at the beginning of 2012 that I really got serious. I began a youtube channel and started releasing 'lick videos' and jam tracks. A year later, for the first time, I got a practice diary and started keeping records of my goals, exercises, strengths, weaknesses and metronome progress across all areas of my technique. Keeping a running record of my progress and logged hours in such a way drastically improved my playing. I soon started making solo instrumental tracks for my concept album "Argonaut". I am now currently teaching guitar, making tracks, working on my youtube channel and practicing technique for roughly 4 hours a day.