Too many students struggle understanding what to practice, how to practice, and for how long to practice. My Practice Routines series of ebooks fixes this once and for all! Each ebook contains the essential exercises needed to master each of the vital lead guitar techniques: Alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, legato... they're all here. Learn how to execute each technique, what exercises to practice, what speeds to shoot for, and how to create your own customized practice plan for success.
I wish I had these when I was younger. 

So, what's in these ebooks?

- How to execute the specific technique
- Detailed instructions on how to create a practice plan
- 8 essential exercises for mastery

- Speed target medals to aim for
- Accompanying GuitarPro TABs for study

How do you sign up?

The "Practice Routines" series of ebooks is hosted within the VIP Club private website. Become a monthly Patreon-style supporter, log in, and get practicing (+ the rest of the site's HUGE amount of bonus content) right now!