Private Tuition Workshop


Do you need help?
Every now and then it's perfectly normal to get stuck or to feel like you aren't progressing as quickly as you had expected. If you've recently hit an impasse in your technique or practice in general, it may be time to consider taking a private tuition workshop with me. I am here to help!

What is the "Private Tuition Workshop"?

When you hire me for a one-off private tuition workshop, you are essentially hiring me to review your playing, identify errors, suggest changes, and assign exercises to get you back on track.
It is done by correspondence either by email or through my facebook page's messenger.

What do you have to do?
purchase, you will receive a receipt instructing you how to contact me. From there, I will ask for a document write-up from you detailing everything wrong with your playing, what you struggle with, what you wish you could do, what your short/long term goals are, etc. I will then require video footage of you attempting the things you struggle with so I can assess. After providing tweaks and suggestions to your technique, I will provide customized exercises for you to carry on with. This concludes the one-off private tuition workshop. So, if you need help, order now!