40 Developmental Alternate Picking Exercises

You need these exercises
To improve, you need to use focused and targeted exercises to overcome technical hurdles and keep your progress charging forever forward. This couldn't be more true when it comes to one of the most challenging of all lead guitar techniques: alternate picking. Work through these 40 developmental alternate picking exercises to take your picking hand acrobatics to the next level!

What's in the ebook PDF?
- "Picking hand isolations" ("PHIs") to isolate and perfect the picking hand.
- Single string exercises, not only to develop a stable tremolo, but to establish synchronization as well. 
- 2-string exercises to introduce the challenges of multi-string playing.
- 3-string exercises and beyond (up to full 6-string exercises).
- A variety of scales, sequences, hops, skips, and tricky maneuvers to truly ensure your picking hand gets tied up in knots!