Improve Your Legato

In this short study I’ve prepared probably one of the most useful legato exercises I can think of, some technique pointers to keep in mind, and a long run for you to work on.

Perpendicular hand posture:







The exercise: “Sliding two-string legato”


 believe that this exercise is good for a number of reasons:

- It’s musical (can be used as a lick)

- It engages all four fingers

- Includes hammer-ons, pull-offs, and “legato slides”

- Includes the “hammer-on from nowhere” (the fifth “10” in the exercise), which is essential for multistring legato playing.

The long run:

This starts at the top of the Ionian 3nps scale shape and slides between positions. Make sure all the notes are the same length and volume to make this as impressive as it can be.